About Bernard

Everything Bernard does, is based on over 45 years of experience in an international, highly competitive environment, First top level football & professional Cycling later international C-level leadership.

In a very authentic hands-on style

He guides you to DIG to find your own VALUES and TALENTS
He motivates you to DISCOVER your PASSIONS
He helps you to DARE to BE the HERO of your GAME
He prepares you to DO things with IMPACT in your field of expertise.

Bernard’s history

When you want to get something

you never had,

you need to do something

you never did

Thomas Jefferson

Discover Bernard, Ann, Kashmir and ZsaZsa’s Adventures

Bernard and Ann, alongside their Old English Sheepdogs Kashmir and ZsaZsa, devote their hearts to volunteering at Villa Samson (UZ Jette) for sick children or children with disabilities, bringing joy and comfort through their compassionate presence and the therapeutic bond of their furry friends.

Bernard’s core values are founded on honesty, respect, and congruence, with a strong emphasis on the principle of ‘saying what you do and doing what you say’.

Discover Bernard’s Five Unique Strengths


Bernard’s constant pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement.


His ability to set goals and actively achieve them.


Bernard’s vision for progress and innovation.


His talent for gathering and utilizing valuable information and ideas.


Bernard’s constant pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement.

Breek uit de gouden kooi

Breek uit de gouden kooi

Discover the unique vision of Bernard Moerman, an inspiring storyteller and vlogger, in his debut work ‘Break out of the Golden Cage’ (‘Breek uit de Gouden Kooi’). Published by Lannoo Campus in 2024, this Dutch-language book promises to offer a transformative reading experience, based on Bernard’s life motto and rich experiences.