From Engagement to Empowerment.

Steering Education

Heather E. McGowan is a forward-thinking strategist, renowned keynote speaker, respected thought leader, diligent researcher, and accomplished author at the forefront of the Future of Work. Recognized as a perceptive sense maker, adept dot connector, profound thinker, and astute pattern matcher, Heather offers invaluable insights into leadership, empowerment, engagement, retention, and culture. Heather gives people the courage and insight that illuminates their path forward. She’s transforming mindsets and entire organizations around the globe with her message about how the next phase of work will focus on continuous learning, rather than simply learning once in order to work.

Her groundbreaking approach to the future of work and learning has made employees more fulfilled and innovative, leaders more potent through empathy as a performance driver, and businesses more effective at reaching their goals in a rapidly evolving market.