Where do you get your energy to motivate, yourself and others?

Erik Van Vooren was interviewed for my book: “Breek uit de gouden Kooi, durf uw loopbaan een nieuwe wending te geven” uitgegeven door Lannoo Campus.

Erik dared to break out of his Golden Cage, to give his live and work a different direction. Check the snapshots from the interview with him. His tremendous energy inspires me and gives me energy.

The energy to inspire and motivate others is often drawn from a well of authentic living—acting in harmony with one’s own values, talents, and passions. When you are true to your personal beliefs and leverage your innate strengths, you operate with a conviction and enthusiasm that is both infectious and inspiring. This authenticity resonates with others, as they see the joy and fulfillment you derive from your pursuits, compelling them to reflect on their own paths.

His journey to discover his talents in areas he’s passionate about, not only energizes himself but also demonstrates a powerful model for success—showing that alignment between what one does and who one is can lead to both happiness and achievement. His example can encourage others to delve into their own self-discovery, igniting their motivation to pursue their unique interests and strengths.

What about you?

What gives you energy to motivate yourself and others?

(All 30 interviews are accessible via QR-codes in the book.


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